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Woman devotee assaulted by Puri Jagannath Temple Police

A woman devotee was allegedly assaulted by a personnel of Jagannath Temple Police (JTP) on the premises of Sri Jagannath temple in Odisha’s Puri today.

The complainant said the JTP man beat her with a stick near the darshan place inside the temple. “When I asked him why you are beating me, he again struck me with the stick which hurt my 6-month-old child. An argument ensued after I protested his act. But even as the argument was on, he suddenly became violent and started abusing me physically,” she said.

The complainant further said, “When he (JTP personnel) tried to pull my saree and hair, I resisted. During that scuffle, he might have got hurt accidentally. I want him to be punished so that the same thing does not happen to anyone else in the temple.”

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Watch the woman devotee who was assaulted in Puri Jagannath temple keep her side of the story. Woman devotee alleges that the JTP pulled her hair and assaulted her, while JTP personnel demands enquiry into the matter.

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