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Yaari Hindi music video made by a group of friends from Odisha

A group of friends from Odisha released their debut Hindi music video, named “Yaari”, under their banner ‘United Misfits’.

Breaking all the stereotypes in a state like Odisha, United misfits is a group of friends, consists of Doctors, engineers, business professionals who have a job to do from 9 to 5 and many dreams to fulfill from 5 to 9. Binay, a healer by profession, being the composer of most of the songs produced under the banner of United Misfits has got a tremendous acceptance from the listeners, while his younger brother Biraj has mesmerized many souls with his words and voice. Some of the songs from the siblings like kahuchi aji, Barnali, Jannena have been huge hit amongst the youngsters of Odisha.

Amlan and Sourav, yet another musical duo having huge followers, for their creations like Jane jaan, saiyan are also the men behind some of the soulful tracks to be released under the banner. The team, responsible for giving a visual treat to the viewers is the cinematography team which consisting of Smikash, Basudev, Sandeep and Anurag, the names that are quite popular in the world of photography and cinematography in the twin cities. A team consisting of Chirag, Abhijit and Debikalyan work towards branding and promotions, while Abhijit has also featured in the first music video by the group “Smruti ra Marubhumi”, which is regarded as one of the most popular Odia music videos made in the recent times.

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The fact that the bond of friendship has kept the group going so far, this friendship day, the group comes up with its debut Hindi music video, named ‘Yaari’, crafted for friendship. Biraj, Sourav, Abhijit and Debikalyan, who made their singing debut together back in 2007, on the annual cultural day of Ravenshaw Junior college, have once again shared the mike, singing about friendship. The music video featuring the very four, is about reunion of four friends. While Binay has composed the tune, Biraj has penned down the lyrics of the song. Smikash, Basudev and Anurag are behind the cinematography of the video.

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