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Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere review

Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere review

Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere review

Rating – 4/5
Starring – Anubhav, Barsha, Salil, Pradyumna, Sukanta, Madhumita, Kuna Tripathy, Namrata, Bidusmita
Director – Murali Krishna

Producers planned to release Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere in 80+ halls before. But the release is postponed due to Cyclone. Now KJBL releases in 38 halls today.


Anubhav (Prince) is a playboy. He has affairs with many girls. He has a caring grandfather (Pradyumna Lenka), grandmother (Namrata), loving big brother (Sukanta) and strict father (Kuna Tripathy) at his home. Salil (Bhagia) is always with him, to take care.

Barsha (Pihu) is a odissi dance teacher in Ooty. Prince returns from London and his father tells him to go Ooty for company business. He goes there with Bhagia. There he meets Pihu.

Prince accepts challenge of his friends to make Pihu fall in love with him in 10 days. And he succeeds in doing that. After finishing his love mission, Prince returns to his home at Cuttack. Pihu came to know that Prince cheated her and left Ooty. This incidence came as a shock to Pihu. To know, what happens then, watch the film.


You may call it hattrick of Anubhav-Barsha in 2013. First, Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu, then Hata Dhari Chalutha and now Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere.

If anyone has doubt about Anubhav’s super stardom, Barsha’s ollywood queen status, then watch the film. You will get your answer.

The film has everything – love, fight, dance, emotions, good music.

All songs are choreographed very well. Dance director Shanti Sudhakar was in a song (Chhaiyan re) with Barsha Priyadarshini. Anubhav danced with foreign girls in Bhajamana Haribol track. This song is shot and edited beautifully.

Background score is very good. Abhijit Majumdar’s musical score is excellent. I think, best song of the film is the sad song (Priya re) in voice of Krishna Beura.

The costume of Anubhav and Barsha looks very stylish, elegant in the film. Every actor has given their 100% in performances.


You will laugh in some scenes, you’ll cry sometimes while watching Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere. The film has some twists and turns. This is a complete cinema for odia audience. Don’t miss the film. Watch it at your nearest theatre today.

Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere
Reviewed by:
Suryakanta Biswal
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