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Bol Bam 2024 Date Odisha – Odia Bolbam Gita, DJ Song Video

Bol Bam will start on 22 July 2024 (Monday) in Odisha. Bolbam date is mentioned here. You can watch Odia gita video, odia dj song, joda srabana shiva bhajan, sambalpuri gaana, and movie comedy of Papu Pom Pom below.

The Shravan month will have an additional month in 2024. That is called Adhik Maas in Hindi and Joda Srabana Masa in Odia Calander. It will begin on July 4 and will last till August 31, spanning 59 days. This is a rare coincidence taking place in the month of Shravan after 19 years.

Thus the month of Sharavan will have eight Mondays instead of four. However, all eight Mondays will not be observed to carry out special rituals for Lord Shiva. The Bol Bam festival will start on July 10. The devotees will complete Shravan Somabar Brata on August 28.

Somvar in Shravan Joda Masa

First Shravan Somvar10 July
Second Shravan Somvar17 July
Third Shravan Somvar24 July
Fourth Shravan Somvar31 July

One of the lucky months in the Hindu calendar is the month of Shravan. According to legend, Lord Shiva’s favourite month is this one.

Shravan month Mondays

First Shravan Monday7 August
Second Shravan Monday14 August
Third Shravan Monday21 August
Fourth Shravan Monday28 August

During the month of Shravan, Hindus consider it auspicious to pour water on Shiva linga. Devotees carry water from rivers on pitchers from a distance to Shiva temples. There are several rituals associated with the journey, which are difficult and painstaking.

Earlier there used to be less number of such devotees, mostly male. But for the last few years, the number of such devotees has grown many folds. Ladies have also started going on this in increasing numbers. Earlier the number used to be in the thousands. Now it is in lakhs.

With the phenomenal growth in numbers, the ‘bol bam walas (kanwaria)’ have become a menace. Transport and sanitation infrastructure is stressed beyond capacity.

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Srabana yatra is an annual ritual. The civic authorities must plan to meet the demands on infrastructure during this month. The railway authorities can think of running additional trains to ease the congestion. They should also take steps to curb travel without a ticket and to provide easy access to legitimate ticket holders to reserved compartments.

Kanwariyas (followers of Bol Bom) in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar have elaborate security and other measures provided by the Twin City Commissionerate Police. Twelve mobile patrolling teams and thirteen PCR vans, in particular, would be stationed in Bhubaneswar along the routes that the pilgrims will take. Additionally, plans have been established for first-aid stations and mobile medical units to offer care as necessary.

The devotees will lift water at the river Ghats, where ODRAF teams will be stationed. Security arrangements will be handled by a force of five platoons under the command of an Additional DCP. For this purpose, 39 sub-Inspectors, including ASIs, and five ACPs will be on duty.

Bol Bam Orissa

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