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Raja Festival 2012 Date

Raja Festival 2012

Raja Festival in Orissa

Raja Festival or Raja Parba is the best festival of Orissa (Odisha). Raja Festival is generally associated with the farmers and is celebrated during the onset of monsoon. Raja Parba falls on the first day of the month of Asadha (June-July) from which the rainy season starts. It is also known as Mithuna Sankranti. Raja Festival 2012 date is 14 June.

Raja is a four day long festival. It inaugurates and welcomes the agricultural year all over Orissa, which marks, through biological symbolism, the moistening of the sun dried soil with the first showers of the monsoon in mid June thus making it ready for productivity. The first day is called Pahili Raja (Prior Raja), second day is Raja Sankranti (Proper Raja), third day is Basi Raja (Past Raja) and the fourth day of Raja Festival is known as the “Basumati Snana”.

Raja Festival 2012 Date – 14 June (Mythology)

It is believed that the mother goddess Earth or the divine wife of Lord Vishnu undergoes menstruation during the first three days of Raja Festival.The fourth day is called as “Basumati Snana” or ceremonial bath of Bhudevi.The term Raja has come from Rajaswala (meaning a menstruating woman) and during medieval period the festival became more poular as an agricultural holiday remarking the worship of Bhudevi, who is the wife of lord Jagannath. A silver idol of Bhudevi is still found in Puri Temple aside Lord Jagannatha.

Raja Festival in Orissa

Raja Festival 2012 – Raja Festival in Orissa Video

Raja Festival Photos, Wallpaper, Images in Orissa

Raja Festival Photos

Raja Festival 2012 – Raja Festival in Orissa, India

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