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Who in Ollywood can play Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi on screen

Who in Ollywood can play Mahatma Gandhi

Till date no odia film has featured Mahatma Gandhi on silver screen. If a movie will be made on Mahatma Gandhi now, then which actor from Ollywood will play Mohandas? This question have been asked to recent bunch of oriya directors. Some has replied quickly and some after few minutes. Check out the answers below.

Hara Patnaik said, “Sukesh, a student of Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya is fit for this character in my view.”

“The actor, who will play Gandhi on celluloid, must be look similar to him. So there is no odia actor who will resemble to him in the industry. If we will do a talent hunt, then there is a chance,” replied veteran Raju Mishra.

Director Sudhansu Sahu, Sanjay Nayak and Abatar Singh are also agree with Mishra’s opinion.

Siddhanta Mahapatra is the best choice for Gandhi’s role, according to film-maker Sudhakar Vasanth.

Director Jyoti Das is a big fan of Mihir Das and he has chosen him in this character.

Dilip Panda wants televison actor Ashok Das in Gandhi’s role.

Bobby Mishra will be my first choice, said Debu Patnaik.

Susant Mani and Appu Kanungo voted in support of Choudhury Bikash Das, who is one of the veteran actor of theatre, TV and films.

Well, you don’t forget to put your comment below about your choice.

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