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Odisha man sells his son for Rs 25000, buys phone with money

A man hailing from Odisha’s Bhadrak district allegedly sold off his 11-month-old son for a mere Rs 25,000. On Tuesday, father Balaram Mukhi was arrested.

According to the police, Balaram Mukhi sold his son for Rs 25,000, and out of that sum, he spent Rs 2,000 on a mobile phone, Rs 1,500 on a silver anklet for his seven-year-old daughter and one saree for his wife, Sukuti. And with the remaining amount, Balaram bought alcohol for his session of debauchery.

Bhadrak superintendent of police Anup Sahoo said Mukhi has no regular income. “He works as a sweeper and seems to be a habitual According to police, Mukhi’s brother-in-law Balia and an anganwadi worker were also involved in the crime. The three got an opportunity to make money when they met a couple in their sixties.

Somnath Sethi, who had retired as a driver with the state government, and his wife had lost their 24-year-old son in 2012. “Sethi’s wife had been suffering from depression after their only son died and he had told his acquaintances to look for a child they could adopt so that his wife recovers,” said Manoj Rout, inspector-in-charge of Bhadrak town police station. He said that the couple too would be investigated.

Cops also questioned Mukhi’s wife, Sukuti. The couple has another 10-year-old son. The anganwadi worker who knew the Sethi couple contacted Mukhi and struck a deal between them.

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Odisha man sells his son

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