Manepade Sei Piladina odia song video – Kehi Nuhen Kahara

Watch Manepade Sei Piladina odia song video from Kehi Nuhen Kahara odia movie featuring Elina Samantray, Siddhant Mohapatra, Nitu Singh and a child actor.

Song – Manepade Sei Piladina
Singer – Ratikant Satpathy
Music Director – Biswaswarup
Lyrics by – Bapu Goswami
Director – Susant Mani
Producer – Akshay Kumar Parija
Film – Kehi Nuhen Kahara
Starring – Elina, Abhishek, Siddhant

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Elina in Kehi Nuhen Kahara film

Manepade Sei Piladina is a soothing Odia song picturised on Elina and Siddhanta which depicts a lovely relationship between a father and daughter.

Listen the beautiful song and watch the video here.

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