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What Ollywood actors said on chit fund link with Odia films

While the Odisha State Crime Branch has begun interrogation of Prabhas Rout, chief of Oscar chit fund company, Ollywood actors today said they are ready to face interrogation by the agency.

The Odisha unit of BJP on Saturday demanded the arrest of actors turned BJD leaders – Siddhant Mahapatra, Anubhav Mohanty, Akash Das Nayak and defeated MLA candidate Papu Pom Pom for their links with Oscar chit fund company, whose chairman Prabhas Rout was arrested by Crime Branch police from Delhi yesterday on the charge of duping people of Rs 230 crore.

Responding to BJP’s charge, Akash Das Nayak dared them to show which film produced by the Oscar chief he had acted in? “Besides, how does an actor know if dubious money is used to produce a film,” he asked.

“I came in contact with Prabhas Rout in 2010 through one of his friends. He had requested me to award some trophies to the artists at a state show in Surat. Keeping his request, I had gone to Surat. I am ready to face interrogation and will immediately respond and tell the EOW whatever I know about him,” the veteran cine star Uttam Mohanty said.

Talking about the investment of money by Oscar chit fund company in Ollywood industry, well-known Ollywood comedian Papu Pom Pom said a number of Odia movies have been made with the chit fund companies earlier. “But the fact remains that no one had any knowledge about the activities of chit fund companies at that time. As a result, lakhs of people have invested crores of money in chit fund companies,” he added.

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On the possibility of EOW calling him for interrogation and the bitter lesson he wants to share with the people, Papu Pom Pom said he had done the most to create awareness against the fraud chit fund companies and builders in Odisha.

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