Watch: To Paakhare Atakichi music video of Anshuman and Rihana

Anshuman and Rihana starrer new Odia music video ‘To Paakhare Atakichi Aei Mo Duniya’ released online recently.

Song – To Paakhare Atakichi
Singer – Humane Sagar
Music Director – Baidyanath Dash
Lyrics – Arun Mantri
Featuring – Anshuman & Rihana

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Video Editing & Director – Lubun-Tubun
DI – Phionix Film Lab
Solo Album – Niswasa
Music Label – 91.9 Sarthak FM
Producer – Sitaram Agrawal

The song ‘To Paakhare Atakichi’ is a beautiful number, sung by Humane Sagar, composed by Baidyanath Dash and written by Arun Mantri.

Watch To Paakhare Atakichi Aei Mo Duniya music video here.

To Paakhare Atakichi music video

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