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PM Narendra Modi’s speech in Odisha Paradip Oil Refinery

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today dedicated IOCL Oil Refinery at Odisha’s Paradip to the nation.

Paradip oil refinery is one of the most modern refineries in the world which can process cheaper high sulphur heavy crude oils. It has a complexity factor of 12.2.

It will produce 5.6 million tons per annum of diesel, 3.79 million tons of petrol and 1.96 million tons of kerosene/ATF. Besides, 790,000 tons of LPG and 1.21 million tons of petcoke would also be produced, officials said.

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People of Odisha know the importance of this refinery and how this refinery will contribute to the development of Odisha: PM begins his speech at Paradip refinery.

This Paradip refinery is the Vikas Deep for Odisha and the youth of Odisha, says PM Narendra Modi. Watch PM Narendra Modi’s full speech at Paradip oil refinery inauguration here.

Narendra Modi speech in Odisha

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