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5-year-old Odia girl Shrinika Purohit known as wonder kid of Odissi

Odia girl Shrinika Purohit has been performing Odissi on stage since the age of 2, earning the title of ‘wonder kid of Odissi’.

At an age when children do not bother to think beyond toys, this 5-year-old has been dancing like a star, giving mesmerizing Odissi performances on stage for the last three years of her life already!

Shrinika Purohit started dancing even before she could understand what a dance form is all about! And, what amazes her audience is the fact that she not just dances like any other matured and experienced dancer, she also gives the perfect expressions, an integral part of any classical dance form.

She is the winner of Odissi Pratibha at the age of 4 and got lot of passions for Odissi and is a grooming Soloist.

A crowd puller, Shrinika Purohit has been a regular feature in several major dance events held in her parents’ home state of Odisha and Bengaluru, where the kid was born. She had the honour of being the opening performer of the India International Dance Festival held in Bhubaneswar.

A kindergarten student of Bengaluru-based Vibgyor School, Shrinika whose family originally belongs to Sambalpur, developed an interest in classical dance due to her mother Sonalika Purohit Padhi, who is a dance teacher.

Sonalika was, in fact, a junior scientist. But after marriage to Srimant Purohit, a software engineer, she quit her job and pursued her passion for dance and became a full time dancer. Shrinika therefore got involved in music and dance when she was just a toddler.

“Shrinika is a child prodigy,” says her dance teacher Madhulita Mohapatra. “Starting from hasta mudras at the age of two, Shrinika picked up things really fast,” she adds.

Renowned dance critic Shyamahari Chakra who has been observing Shrinika since the age of two sums it up, “This girl loves to dance and she has natural talent. She will go a long way.”

While Shrinika Purohit has already performed in quite a few cities across the country, she plans to perform in Singapore, Japan and USA this year.

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