Odisha: Prepaid smart electric meters to prevent electricity theft

To prevent electricity thefts by consumers, the Odisha government has decided to install prepaid smart electric meters across the state soon.

In the first phase, a total of 4500 Prepaid meters would be installed in Sambalpur while Smart meters will be introduced in Rourkela, informed State Energy Minister Dibya Shankar Mishra.

The prepaid meters will have digital cards wherein consumers can recharge their cards as and when they require it depending upon the usage, he said.

“The main motive of introducing smart meters is it’s ‘tamper-proof’. No one can tamper with the meter by slowing down the gadget using magnets or other methods,” the minister said, adding, such system will be introduced in Rourkela city in the first phase.

The smart meters can detect anyone tampering with the meters. That apart, if a consumer fails to pay the bill, we can stop electricity supply to that household directly.

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odisha prepaid smart electric meter

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