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Now order mutton, chicken, fish, eggs online in Bhubaneswar

Two youngsters in the smart city Bhubaneswar have started a website that delivers mutton, chicken, fish, eggs, prawns and crabs at your doorstep.

The website – www.emeat.in – offers a variety of products including dry fish and exotic items such as meat of emu, turkey and duck as well as lobsters.

Two friends – Soumya Ranjan Panda and Darshan Baral – both in their twenties, are students of Utkal University and are awaiting their final year result.

“We love to have non-vegetarian food, but never had any idea where to buy quality items. Also, going to the market and buying those is a big hassle. As we were discussing these, the idea struck us and we went ahead to develop the website,” Panda said.

Asked about the quality of the stuff delivered at customer’s doorstep, Panda said: “We select good meat that has the right colour and tenderness. When a packet of the desired meat is delivered at a client’s home, it is cent percent fresh and gives the feeling of being procured from a local outlet,” said Panda.

“The meat is fresh and we slaughter only after getting the order. Hygiene and quality are always on the top of our minds and this is the reason why we source our products from the best outlets in the city,” Baral said.

He said that their website can be accessed 24X7, but their service starts at 8 am and continues till 1 pm. After a brief break, the service resumes at 5 pm and closes for the day at 9 pm.

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