Pandit Godabarish Mohapatra’s ‘Utha Kankala Chidu Srunkhala’

Pandit Godabarish Mohapatra’s ‘Utha Kankala Chidu Srunkhala’ poem has been released as an Epic Rock independent music video recently.

Song – Utha Kankala Chidu Srunkhala
Music & Project Design – Tosh Nanda
Lyrics – Pandit Godabarish Mohapatra
Director – Vishal Patnaik

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The maiden music video of ‘Uttisthata Jagrata’ campaign named “Subharambha”, based on Pandit Godabarish Mohapatra’s timeless classic “Utha Kankala” has been released on Youtube on 13th April 2019.

Produced by Panchabati Srujanalaya in association with Jeypore Film Company the music video “Subharambha” has been conceived by Tosh Nanda & directed by Vishal Patnaik (Odisha state award winning director for film ‘Chondalo’).

Tosh Nanda, the convener of ‘Uttisthata Jagrata’ campaign, who is also the music composer, singer, editor and project designer says, “The sole objective of ‘Uttisthata Jagrata’ campaign & Panchabati Srujanalaya is to rejuvenate the lost sense of pride in every Odia’s heart for their culture roots using the medium of cinema. We intend to make more such Odia classics into music videos & Cinema to preserve it for the generations to come. This literature & values are neither available in syllabus for today’s school goers nor the kids of today have the time to read about their culture and roots. The medium of cinema is the most effective path into the next gen Odia’s heart.”

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utha kankala chidu srunkhala

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