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Fixed mobile numbers for Bhubaneswar, Cuttack police

Police stations in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack will now have fixed mobile numbers as the Twin City Commissionerate Police on Wednesday introduced Closed User Group (CUG), a first of its kind initiative in Odisha.

Permanent cell-phone have been allotted to senior police officials, including police commissioner, deputy police commissioner of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar and inspectors in-charge.

Police commissioner R.P Sharma said CUG numbers had been allotted to 43 police stations functioning under the commissionerate police – 23 in Bhubaneswar and 20 in Cuttack Urban Police District (UPD).

Under the CUG system, specific mobile numbers have been allotted in police stations which will get relayed to new officers during reshuffling or fresh appointments.

Earlier, when an IIC got transferred, residents under the jurisdiction of that police station had to face difficulty in fetching the phone number of a new officer. This issue will be addressed by the CUG system as the numbers are retained in the police station.

Dr. Sharma further said, “Using the CUG number, a special group will be formed on which people in distress can upload news and photos to communicate tgem to all including me. Acting on the information prompt action will be taken to solve their problems.”

Each IIC in a concerned police station was advised to hand over the permanent number to the next senior officer in his absence.

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Bhubaneswar Cuttack police station mobile numbers

BSNL has been roped in to provide CUG to the commissionerate police officials. Some of the important numbers which have been circulated by the Police Commissionerate during the launching ceremony are:

Commissioner of Police- 8280338300
Additional Commissioner of Police- 8280338301
Dy. Commissioner of Police (Hdqrs.)- 8280338304
Dy. Commissioner of Police (Traffic)- 8280338305
Dy. Commissioner of Police (Bhubaneswar)- 8280338302
Dy. Commissioner of Police (Cuttack)- 8280338303

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