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India’s first health mall inaugurated in Bhubaneswar

India’s first health mall which has all health-related equipments under one roof was inaugurated by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in Bhubaneswar on Friday.

Initiated by four partners – Bashant Rajotia, Pavan Rajotia, Altaf Ali and Amberina Ali – the mall has various sections like a pharmacy where all prescribed medicines are available, organic vegetables and fruits, healthy snacks for diabetics and people suffering from heart ailments and blood pressure.

Focusing on the new venture, Bashant Rajotia said, “We came up with the idea of making everything available at one point. We visit different stores to get medicines, healthy food for the patients and even health equipment and devices recommended by doctors. We hope the health mall will help solve the problem of many patients.”

“We have separate sections for skin care, hair care, health supplements and orthopedic sections. People normally associate health supplements with body building which is a misconception. Health supplements can be taken by anyone and we want people to understand it,” he said.

Referring to the plight of patients who cannot eat their favourite snacks due to restrictions, Bashant said, “We will make ensure diabetes, heart and blood pressure patients get good snacks which they could relish sans hesitation. We have a zone for senior citizens where everything related to their health like wheel chairs, walking sticks are available.”

“Normally people don’t get proper info about gadgets and their use. So we have displayed orthopedic gadgets through mannequins which will make it easier for people to know their use,” said Bashant.

India’s first health mall Bhubaneswar

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