Nabakalebara Rath Yatra schedule 2015 announced

Nabakalebara Rath Yatra will kick off at Odisha’s holy town of Puri on 18 July 2015 (Saturday) and the Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) on Wednesday announced the schedule for rituals of the Lords to be performed during the world famous festival.

The schedules were finalised at the Shree Mandir Temple Managing Committee meeting, presided over by the Gajapati King Divyasingh Dev in the presence of SJTA chief administrator Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, in consultation with the members of the Niti Sub Committee and Chhatisha Nijog.

Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath

Nabakalebara Rath Yatra schedule 2015 or the timing of the rituals of the Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan is as follows:

Mangala Alati- 6 AM, Mailam- 6.10 AM, Tadapa Lagi- 6.30 AM, Rosha Homa- 6.30 AM, Abakasha- 7 AM, Surya Puja and Dwarapala Puja- 7.30 AM, Gopala Ballav and Sakala Dhupa (Khechudi Bhoga)- 8 AM-9 AM, Ratha Pratisha- 9.30 AM, Mangarpana- 9.45 AM, Pahandi- 10 AM, Pahandi Sesha- 1 PM, Madan Mohan Vije, 1 PM to 1.30 PM, Chita Lagi- 1.30 PM, Vesha Sesha- 1.45 PM, Chhera Panhara- 2 PM, Charamala Phita, Ghoda Sarathi Lagi- 2 PM-3 PM and Rathatana (pulling of the chariots)- 3.30 PM.

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