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Rasagola’s Odisha origin evidence in the ‘Dandi Ramayan’

Research scholars of Odisha have come up with new evidence that ‘Rasagola’ has been mentioned in the ‘Dandi Ramayan’ composed by spiritual poet Balaram Das, the eldest of the Panchasakhas in the fifteenth century.

Dandi Ramayan has mention of Rasagola among other delicacies being served to Bharata, the younger brother of Lord Rama at the sage Bharadwaj’s ashram.

The ‘Dandi Ramayan’ edited by Pandit Gobinda Rath published by Nityananda Pustakalaya, Balubazaar in Cuttack clearly mentions the word Rasagola in its page number 76.

“Dandi Ramayan being an adaptation in Odia of the original Valmiki Ramayana, its composer-poet Balaram Das has mentioned delicacies including rasagola which was then prevalent in Odia homes to describe the feast offered by sage Bharadwaj to Bharata,” said Asit Mohanty, a research scholar on Jagannath cult and traditions.

While the Odisha government had lost all hopes to provide documentary evidence to stake its claim, this clearly proves that Rasagola existed in Odisha at least 300 years before it came into existence in West Bengal.

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