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Odisha govt to create 40000 jobs in IT sector in next 4 years

The Odisha government aims to create over 40000 jobs in IT and ITES (IT enabled service) sectors in next four years, said IT minister Pranab Prakash Das on Saturday.

The IT department decided that steps would be taken to create job opportunities for nearly 5000 to 10000 youths in the rural areas through business process outsourcing.

“The STPI centres will come up in places such as Angul, Samabalpur, Jaypur, Jajpur, Rayagada and Bhawanipatna,” an official said, adding that a road map would be created to provide electronics-enabled service delivery in the next three years.

The state government decided to set up International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and Electronics and Information Communication Technology Academy in the state.

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting chaired by chief minister Naveen Patnaik at the state secretariat.

Software majors Infosys and Tech Mahindra have engaged 3000 professionals in their Bhubaneswar units, giving a boost to job avenues in IT and ITES sectors, revealed the meeting.

“To make graduates passing out of engineering colleges more employable through skill enhancement, the government would focus on establishing more finishing schools in collaboration with the private sector,” said IT secretary P K Jena.

It was also decided to make the Capital City Bhubaneswar Wi-Fi enabled within a year besides formulating an IT procurement policy.

Naveen also directed the IT Department to place a proposal in the next Cabinet meeting to rename the IT Department as Department of Electronics and IT.

IT minister Pranab Prakash Das said: “To promote e-governance and electronic system design and manufacturing, the IT department will be christened as the electronics and IT department. The proposal will be placed before the state cabinet shortly.”

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Under its ambitious project to make IT people friendly, the state government also decided to provide broadband connection to all the panchayats of the state in the next three years.

Among others, Chief Secretary GC Pati, Development Commissioner UN Behera and senior officials attended the meeting.

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  1. Boss…first of all our govt. are only capable of planning when it comes for implimenting in real time they have failed many times giving their own reasons.They are making fools for last 10 years how long they will fool us around. I have couple of questions mentioned below.

    1. When our state will be identified in India as well as world Map . As like other states in India. The reason I have asked is when it compared to Tamil Nadu.We are fare behind in literacy,economy,etc. Though Jayalalitha was CM for last decade as like our CM.

    2. Our Energy department is still working to make all state electrifieds honestly telling you will be surprised by knowing that 25-35% appx. Of our state is yet to be electrified.Though BPL line is there but not sure whether they are actually into this or just for namesake.

    3. Water problems is the only cause in Odisha for aggriculture . Saw many times people’s complaint about water insufficiency. First of all we people have to take initiative for not wasting the water as a drop matters. Our govt. are still figuring it out ,not sure whether they will come to any conclusions in future.

    5. Though transportation are good enough in State but still there are some villages that are yet to be connected. Don’t know why those people are not taking any initiatives.

    6. The more the literacy the more the economy.Why I am saying because our govt has to take a strong decision that children should be educated from all backgrounds.It will be their choice to trained their children in which way. It may sounds funny but we have to make education mandatory.

    7. Though our govt.has announced 1 rupee rice per kg. It doesn’t mean that nourishment in state gone completely it will take time. But at the same time why can’t our state & agricultural departments take an initiatives to produce more numbers of vegetables rather than depending on neighbour state. People who are involved in this also need to think that how they will also be profited once the state will mature in producing vegetables.
    E.g : Potato,Onion,etc.

    8. We believe that we are rich in minerals. Then why are people are still unemployed. In state.Why Posco, a 12bilion dollar steel plant is about to leave the place which is a very big company can hire thousands of localities and can provide them the best in education lifestyles and medical facilities.It sucks actually when people are not matured in corporate and it’s impact.

    9. People are from Odisha are moving out from state due to lack of opportunities. As our govt. Has taken an initiative to produce 40000 jobs in IT,BPO,Electronics & telecom sector in next 4 years let’s see what will happen. Why our govt aren’t agresive as like Karnataka’s govt. Who are working day night to make other companies to invest in their state. This is the reason to make bengaluru (Bangalore) the silicon valley. If there are 25+ MNCs in state at least by 2020 then we are going to be the next level generation as our capital Bhubaneswar may be counted as one of the most desired locations in India as well as in world map. Huge no of retail sector will definitely invest if they happen to see Bhubaneswar as the next metro.

    I am not against the govt. I shared my opinions to make a new Odisha for which our votes are worth being judged by this politicians. We are expecting this for last 10 years back Naveen Sir. At least try to make Bhubaneswar a cyber city first by 2020.So that the state will not face job issues . I still believe you and your govt. Will definitely do it. Waiting for that day.


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