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Pilata Bigidigala review: Best comedy film of Ollywood so far

Movie – Pilata Bigidigala (Odia)
Director – Basanta Sahoo
Cast – Sabyasachi Mishra, Archita Sahu, Papu Pom Pom, Lipsa Mishra, Bijay Mohanty, Jeevan Panda, Kuna Tripathy, Biren Mishra and Banku
Rating – 4/5

Pilata Bigidigala review read here.

Story – Boogie (Sabyasachi) falls in love with Nisha (Archita) when he sees her for the first time in a marriage. He tried to woo her and finally succeeded. Both got married accidentally then.

Pilata Bigidigala review

Now Boogie was in tension. Because his father advocate Chaturbhuja Mohanty (Bijay Mohanty) is a very strict person. So he told Nisha to find a rented house for them. She saw a newspaper advertisement and finalised the house and rent with the house owner. Accidentally that was Boogie’s own house.

Now Boogie’s tension got doubled. He approached his best friend Twitter (Papu Pom Pom) to stay in their house as Nisha’s husband. Now Boogie’s family know that Twitter is Nisha’s husband, but Nisha doesn’t know anything about this.

After some days, Twitter got married to his girlfriend Mithi. But due to some unavoidable situation, Mithi stayed in Boogie’s house as his wife. What happened after that? To know, you have to watch the film.

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Performances – Sabyasachi portrays his part well. His sequences with Papu Pom Pom are truly fantastic. But the show-stopper is undoubtedly Papu, whose comic timing is only getting better. He plays to the gallery completely and delivers a sparkling performance.

Archita is sweet, while Lipsa doesn’t get much scope. Amongst supporting actors, Bijay Mohanty and Jeevan Panda are in terrific form. Kuna Tripathy, Biren Mishra and Banku lend credible support.

Verdict – Overall, if your doctor has advised you laughter therapy, then go watch Pilata Bigidigala. Ingredients of the medicine? Hilarious moments, rib-tickling dialogues, crisp editing, mind boggling situations, plus fantastic music, exotic locations and beautiful choreography.

Some films are made with the motive of keeping you entertained. Pilata Bigidigala is one of those films. Go, have a blast this Independence Day!

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