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Trahi Achyuta ashram ransacked: Sura Baba, sons detained

Before the dust over Sarathi Baba controversy could settle, the Trahi Achyuta Ashram on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar witnessed mob fury on Sunday evening after angry locals barged into its premises ransacking property and setting it on fire.

Trouble started when ashram inmates attacked a large crowd of local people shouting slogans against Sura Baba, the head of the ashram, and demanding his arrest.

As news of the attack on the protesters by ashram inmates spread, hundreds of people from nearby villages gathered at the spot, broke open the ashram gate and ransacked everything in sight; smashing ashram furniture, trampling on the Baba’s pictures and setting at least 15 vehicles on fire.

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As the situation threatened to go out of control, four platoons of police were rushed from the police headquarters in Cuttack to the Jhiinti Sasan where the ashram is located.

The long arm of law finally caught up with self-styled Odisha godman Sura Baba and his builder son in the wee hours on Monday with commissionerate police detaining the father-son duo based on an FIR lodged by an activist.

A three-member team of Commissionerate police led by DCP Satybrata Bhoi is interrogating Sura Baba alias Surendra Mishra, the head of the Trahi Achyuta ashram at Jhiinti sasan on the outkirts of the Odisha capital, and his two sons – Trilochan Mishra and Biranchi Narayan Mishra.

The local agitating people have come out with allegations like unauthorised accusation of public land throwing all laws to dustbin, sexual harassment to women, conspiracy to kill, shelter to criminals and ashram involvement in terrorising people and so on.

Following the latest startling revelations of immoral activities in the Ashram have added fuel to the fire.

It has been alleged that the Ashram supremo Baba Surendranath Mishra runs a mysterious ‘night college’ for women.

A ‘red brigade’ of his alleged henchmen rallies behind him round the clock for protection.

It is also alleged that the Ashram is a safe haven of goons and land mafia.

Sura Baba of Trahi Achyuta ashram

Recently, two elusive Bihari history sheeters were reportedly arrested from the Ashram premises. They were residing in the Ashram as inmates for decades after fleeing their native state committing a series of heinous crimes.

The Baba and his sons could be arrested after their questioning is over, commissionerate police sources said.

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