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Common Payment Card System for Bhubaneswar by month end

In a bid to make all payments through cashless transaction mode, Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) is set to introduce Common Payment Card System (CPCS) by month end. With the implementation of the system, the denizens can use a single smart card towards all kinds of bill payments.

Odisha government approved selection of ICICI Bank as the successful financial institution for implementation of Common Payment Card System (CPCS) in the city of Bhubaneswar. ICICI Bank, as the implementing agency will be making an investment of approximately Rs 20 crore for the city wide implementation of the system.

The smart card which will not only help citizens of Bhubaneswar to book bus and train tickets but also shop at retail outlets. The system will facilitate citizen service payments across the city, including bus and para-transit payments, parking payments, municipal service payment and utility payments through smart card.

As part of the project, the bank will design and make available at least 5 lakh smart cards under this system. The citizens, visitors and other users will be able to buy the card through payment of a minimum top up of Rs. 200 per card. A one-time fee of Rs. 50 per card shall be retained by the bank as cost towards the card.

Further with an aim to create doorstep delivery of payment services, the implementation also comprises of installation of 325 Point of Sale (POS) machines, at government premises and in partnership with private entities, retailers & other merchants at a grid of 500m in the city.

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Common Payment Card Bhubaneswar

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