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Railway ticket cancellation phone number and steps to follow

Indian railway passengers can now cancel confirmed train tickets booked at counters through phone call or SMS and claim refund for the same. The passenger has to follow a few easy steps.

For cancellation of Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter tickets, passengers need to dial 139 and select option 6 from the main menu of Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR). They will then get a one-time password (OTP). On validation of the OTP, cancellation will be processed. They have to reach the counter within stipulated time to get their refund.

Cancellation of tickets and refund of fare will be permitted only on fully confirmed PRS counter tickets and not in case of late running of trains or cancellation of trains.

Online cancellation or cancellation through 139 will be allowed only up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train while refund of the amount can be collected only at the journey-commencing station on nearby satellite PRS locations defined by Zonal Railways.

Passengers can also cancel confirmed tickets through SMS by sending PNR number and train number to 139. User will get an OTP number, which has to be entered into for cancelling tickets.

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Refund can be claimed during the first two hours of the opening of the PRS counters on the next day for the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure time is between 1801 hrs and 0600 hrs. For trains whose scheduled departure time is is between 0601 hrs and 1800 hrs, refund can be claimed up to four hours after the scheduled departure of the train during the working hours of the PRS counters where cancellation is allowed round the clock.

This facility will be available only to those passengers who have furnished their mobile numbers at the time of booking the ticket. Also, no refund would be given after the expiry of the stipulated time limit.

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