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Students can make their own robots by this website of Odisha

A robotics expert of Odisha has launched an online website for students who are interested in robotics but have found no avenue to learn about the subject.

Sakyasingha Mahapatra, founder of Sak Robotic Lab, has launched gyanx.com to help students clear their doubts concerning robotics. The courses are available for free.

On visiting the website, students can also learn about the organisations that sell robot components.

“Our main aim is to help students from remote towns in the state and outside who despite having an interest in robotics have no one to guide them,” Mahapatra added.

“Even if students manage to learn from online videos, they have no idea where to get the components to make robots. Although there are some components available online, they are not shipped to the interior parts of the state,” Mahapatra said.

Be it a light follower robot, shadow follower robot, manual robot, fire avoiding robot, obstacle avoiding robot or a self balancing robot, students will be able to make their own robots, said Mahapatra.

The students could either get their own components or source the kits through the portal. “These DIY (do-it-yourself) kits will be very handy for students,” he said.

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