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Dahi Bara Aloo Dum in Cuttack: Eat at Raghu, Ishwar and Trinath

Dahi Bara Aloo Dum is the most popular street food in Cuttack. The name itself conjures up thousands of memories and for anyone who’s ever been to Cuttack or hails from the same, needs no intro to this legendary street food.

If you want to taste best Dahi Bara Aloo Dum in Cuttack, then you have to visit Raghu Dahi Bara, Ishwar Dahi Bara and Trinath Dahi Bara. This video is made by JustVish.

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Aloo Dum Dahi Bara is Odisha’s soul food and people here can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also in between. But despite its iconic status within the state, it’s a pity that outside Odisha hardly many people know about it.

“My buddy Pankaj and I have been thinking of this video for a long time and this one day we thought it would be great to embark on a gastronomical adventure to the Silver City of Cuttack and showcase the legends we knew. Watch us wind our way through the narrow lanes of Cuttack devouring one plate at a time,” said Vishwajeet Dash of JustVish.

Every nook and corner of Cuttack beams with a Dahi Bara vendor these days and despite the growing fervor for “westernized” fast food, we can very gladly say that little has changed as far as its popularity goes. Quite aptly put, it’s the “Vada Pav” of Cuttack in the nature of which it has its way into people’s hearts and their everyday lives.

But unlike the Pav Bhaji or the Vada Pav, it really hasn’t received the limelight it rightly deserves. But we are sure that all this needs is a little bit of promotion and there’s no doubt it can stand tall or even exceed many iconic street foods in their lovability quotient.

Dahi Bara Aloo Dum Cuttack

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