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Kartika Brata 2023 – Holy month of Kartik in Odisha

A month-long Kartika Brata will start on 29 October 2023 (Sunday).

Kartik is perhaps the holiest of all the months in the Hindu calendar characterised by many religious festivals.

This holy month is the most awaited time of the year for Odias, particularly women and widows.

As an age-old tradition, a large number of widows thronged in the pilgrim city Puri to serve Lord Jagannath and carry out special rituals like Habisa associated with the month. In fact, the group of devotees was also known as ‘Habisiali’.

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These women are staying in different old ashrams and Mathas of Puri to continue their Kartika Brata. After a holy bath in the ponds of Puri, the Habisialis start their Brata by giving a small puja thali with some rice, dal, and vegetable to the priest.

Puri Sri Jagannath temple is packed with devotees these days.

The month is also a time to immerse in the melodious Damodarashtaka by offering a lamp (Akash Deepa) to Lord Damodara. As per tradition, ghee lamps were arranged at the temple.

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Meanwhile, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has prepared a special timetable for the Kartik month expecting a huge footfall of devotees.

Kartika Brata

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