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Marichi Kunda water helps childless women to conceive

A day before Lord Lingaraj’s Rukna Rath Yatra, holy water from Marichi Kunda was auctioned on midnight to women who desire to bear children.

Childless parents make a beeline at the mystic water source near the Mukteshwar temple to obtain pots of sacred water which is auctioned every year.

It is believed that if childless women aspiring for children bathe from the water of the Marichi Kunda then they become mothers. After bathing they must darshan Lord Mukteshwar, today they will visit Lord Lingaraj and do puja.

The first pot of holy water sold for Rs 11,150 to Jali Lenka of Cuttack while the second pot was auctioned to Swarnalata Behera of Bhubaneswar at Rs 7,600 and the third pot to Bijaylaxmi Das of Puri at Rs 5,600.

As per popular belief, women, who are unable to conceive bathe with this water of the well on the auspicious day, are able to conceive.

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Marichi Kunda water

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