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Odisha farmer builds a multi-purpose drone to help him in farming

P Babu Rao, a farmer of Sanyasiguda village in Odisha’s Rayagada district took 20 months time and spent Rs 3.5 lakh to build a multi-purpose drone that can be used for spraying pesticides, sprinkling fertilizer granules, irrigation and for sowing seeds as well.

After failing to land a good job despite graduating with B.Ed from Andhra University, Rao took a bold decision to do farming. Hailing from a Zamindar family, Rao had a keen interest in farming and decided to pursue agriculture and help the agrarian economy.

After several years of farming, Rao chanced upon a YouTube video wherein he saw farmers of other countries like Japan and China using drones for farming activities. Drawing inspiration form that, he embarked on a journey to build a similar drone that could drive away problems of India’s farmers.

The new-age technology has taken the local farmers by surprise. One said, “This drone is very efficient and can cover one acre of land in seven minutes. It is easy to operate and we can use it as per our need as it has various benefits. The medicines also reach the roots of the crops and accurate targets are achieved using this device.” Rao concluded.

“It can be a boon for farmers who are struggling with irrigation problems, labour cost and deficit of equipments. I have enrolled the device in Mukhya Mantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman, because I want the device to reach a greater platform so that it can be beneficial to farmers across the country.”

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